February 21, 2012


If you read my last post,
you'll understand why the
last couple of days have been rough.

The tears flowed all day Saturday.
Sunday and Monday were fewer tears,
but still feelings of sadness.

I couldn't motivate to do anything,
even some orders I'm need to finish.

We all laid around the house.
I tried to think of something, anything
that might get me up and moving
or at least make me feel a little better.
I had no desire to go for a run, read a book,
go anywhere, or sew something.
And then I remembered how I've been
wanting to try making hexagons.

I had all the supplies already
and it turned out to be a relaxing
little project that I could
do while watching tv.
It doesn't require too much thought
but yet is still productive.

Want to see?

And last night when I couldn't sleep,
(stress will do that to a girl)
I pulled out my Accuquilt and made some squares.

No plans or projects intended for these little goodies.
Some good therapy though.


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