March 28, 2012

Fabric Scraps Wreath

Easy Fabric Scraps Wreath
by ME

Hi, it's Flannery. Have we met?  I used to blog here. Life forced me to get sidetracked and I haven't been very creative lately. 
BUT, I am in Philly visiting Court for spring break and.......NATURALLY....I'm creatively inspired.
I'm also in no mood to leave the house (cause I'm really super lazy on vaca) so I had to make something with what Court had on hand.  
So after perusing Pinterest, I decided to recreate this fabric scrap wreath
Court has the best fabric scraps so it was an easy choice of projects. 

I used a wire wreath like this one and tied fabric scraps on to the wire frame. 
The wire frame had four levels.  I tied fabric onto the outermost and innermost levels.
If you wanted your wreath to be even fuller, you could fill three or even four levels.
My fabric scraps were roughly 1.5-3 inches wide and 5-6 inches long.  
It varied because I was working primarily with scraps and not cutting uniform strips from large pieces of fabric.
Though of course you could cut uniform strips.
It's also dependent on what look you like. I like that they all vary in width and length.

Do you recognize any fabric?

I tied scraps in between loads of laundry, dirty diapers and meals.  It was so easy!
At the end, I just looped a pretty piece of ribbon around the top.

It looks really sweet in Court's sewing studio.  
Makes me want to make more.
I've seen Etsy shops that sell them in specific colors like this one here.

Court had a lot of pinks and reds so I deliberately sifted through her stash for shades of blues and yellows to balance it out.  I think the navy blue brought such a fun pop of color, don't you?  

So here's to hoping I don't go another however many months without blogging.  I miss being creative and having that outlet even though the craziness of life has not allowed it.
So tell me, do you ever let life get the best of your outlets and personal needs?



Molly Hammond said...

omg adorable! will you make me a spring one for my front door??


teachersf said...

I want one too!

JanuaryT said...

I just popped over from the sewing summit google groups. I love that wreath. I have been saving small scraps to do one for my sewing room. This will be my first year for the sewing summit and can't wait! I hope your having a great day!