March 20, 2012


i did it.
i made a quilt.
then i gave it away.
for a good cause
ouch, it stings.
i miss it.
i hope that the person who
ends up with it loves and appreciates it.
I used Camille Roskeley's
i bought a jelly roll.
and then didn't know what to do with it.
so i googled and googled and googled
and googled.
many days went by.
i wanted a pattern that was
fast, simple
and didn't require purchasing
any additional fabric
or math or anything
too complicated for a tired,
overworked and underpaid momma.

did you take the picture yet, mama?
how 'bout now?
did i do a great job, mama?
i digress.
finally, i found the pattern for me.
it is easy, fast
and a no-brainer.
i will give you the deets
in another post,
but here's the gist.
trim the ends.
sew each strip end to end
so that you have one
looooooong strip.
when i was finished,
the entire strip was 1600 inches long.
(it started in my sewing room, went through
the master bedroom
through the hallway
and across my daughter's room.)
match the ends together
making sure there are not twists~very impotant!
it won't work if there are twists!
sew the two strips together.
when you get to the fold,
cut it open and finish sewing
to the end.
fold and repeat.
fold and repeat.
fold and repeat.

the back.
it's backing fabric
so there's no piecing involved.

Quilt it with Aunt T
on her long arm machine.
Machine bind it.
I loved it.
I'm making another one with

What do you think?
Would you try it?


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Molly Hammond said...

GORGEOUS! i absolutely love it court.