May 30, 2012

::Things I Love::

This girl.
She has my heart.
She made me a mother.
She's sweet and quiet and sensitive.
She's empathetic and an observer.

She is silly when you least expect it.

I love hydrangeas

and big, bright white clematis.

i love that this wicker couch i bought
at a garage sale promptly fell apart.
and i've nurtured this clematis
to grow all around it.

and my silly girl who wanted to sit 
on the couch.

i love a pop of orange
in the garden
and anywhere.

sometimes i don't always know what i'm doing
in my garden.  i forget what i've planted.
so i was pleasantly surprised today when
i found this crimson lily
snuggled up against the pink
and silver.

i love this white ceramic pot that
looks like a basket.

my garden always inspires me in my sewing room.
and so do my sweet girls.

what do you love?
how does it inspire you?



Molly Hammond said...

that silly girl is the best babysitter to her cousins! i love her.

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

We love you Colleeeen oh yes we do! When youre not with us, we're blue....