May 31, 2012

::Though Shall Covet::

Though shall covet:
orange and navy
light blue and turquoise

something got in my head today 
and i just started pulling things together.
fabric (of course)
(even a pair of white leggings made it into the mix)

Here's what my pile looked like:

i gathered the ribbon into a neater pile.
added some flea market fancy fabric.

not just crayola orange.
but a bit a burnt orange.
next to some pretty rings.

i added a pair of navyish pants.

and a turquoise string necklace that molly 
made out of a t-shirt.

i loveeeee the pile. 
but it's a bit too big.

so i pared it down to the essentials
and here's what i have:

is it possible

to be in love

with color combinations?

you're never going to believe it
but this is my inspiration
for my dining room redo.
just the colors... not the prints~ 
and today i started gathering
for the dining room makeover 
by purchasing this:

i'm so excited and just happy.
colors just make me happy.


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