June 8, 2012

::Fabric on Friday::

I couldn't resist 
Lucy's Crab Shack by Sweetwater!
It is fun, fun, fun!
My favorite print is the clothes hanging on the line.
It reminds me of summertimes at my grandparents' house 
at the Jersey Shore.

After a long day at the beach, around 4 or 5 pm, 
we'd shower in the outdoor shower 
and then hang our bathing suits and 
beach towels on the line in the yard.
Gram had a bag full of wooden clothespins that we'd use~ 
the old fashioned kind.  
I can still see and feel and smell it in my mind;
the hook and eye that locked the door, 
pesky little sisters peaking under,
the squeak of the door hinges,
the slam of the door, 
wiffle balls and bats,
cooking noises coming from the kitchen window,
saltwater, sunscreen and clean hair,
a bucket of water by the door to rinse your feet,
and the sting of a sunburn. 
(did we even use sunscreen in the '80s?)

Year after year after year, the routine was the same.
It was predictable and comforting.
It was home.
My heart broke when my grandparent's sold it.
I still get tears in my eyes when I drive past it once a year.
 (and only once ~ I can't handle it anymore than that.)
Life is really made up of the smallest bits of memories, isn't it?

And so this is why I'm so drawn to Moda's new line.
I'm not even cutting into the layer cake~
just sewing the big squares together so I can see the prints 
clearly in the large squares.

Happy Friday and Happy Summer!