June 7, 2012

Ombré Inspired Bracelet

Ombré (adj): shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color

For example:

So pretty, right?!

This is a super easy project - you can totally do this sitting on the couch, while catching up on your favorite shows.  I did mine while watching Hatfields & McCoys and swooning over Johnse Hatfield.  Well, hello there, Johnse...


All you need is a bracelet (I had one leftover from this project) and some embroidery floss in several different shades of one color.  I picked coral...Court got me obsessed with the turquoise/orange color combo.  **I ended up only using one floss of each color for this bracelet, not three!

Start by wrapping the first color around the bracelet and make a double knot.  Then, start wrapping tightly around & around, covering the knot and making sure the bracelet does not show through.

Wrap until you feel like starting the next color & then tie another knot (on the bracelet's underside), connecting the first and second colors.  

Keep wrapping, following the ombré pattern until you cover the entire bracelet.  Tie the end color to the  underside of the first color (where you started!).  Voila!



Crystal said...

Very pretty bracelet! I've pinned it on my pinterest :-)

Three Sisterz said...

Thanks so much Crystal!! We are looking forward to checking out all your great crafts!