July 16, 2012

::New In The Studio:: Appliqued Dump Truck

I have a love/hate relationship with custom orders.

I don't really hate custom orders but let's just say... 
they stress me out a little.
Custom orders require me to come up with a new
design and spend more time deciding on fabrics.
I can't rely on my usual designs and fabric choices
and sometimes this seems daunting because 
I want to please the customer but it's not something
they've seen and agreed to
and let's just face it, I don't do well with
a lot (or a little) change.
Silly, isn't it? 
To be so intimidated by this process?

But...  I am growing to love, love, love
custom orders because it challenges me to think outside my
typical box and I end of creating something that I adore!
Such a cliche, I know. 

Exhibit A:

And thankfully, at the time I was making this, 
Molly was here visiting
and helping me along as I went.  
She's great for giving feedback on my ideas
when I'm working on clothes for boys 
since she's the one with the boys.

I love this little dump truck!


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