July 13, 2012

::Purple Quilt Using the Accuquilt Go!::

My niece loves purple
  I wanted to use my Accuquilt Go!
 I wanted to make an entire quilt from start to finish
(including quilting it with my walking foot)
my niece asked for a quilt for herself
this little purple quilt.

The fabrics were what I already had on hand~
either from Joann's, a quilt store or my mom's stash.

The backing fabric is from Joann's as well.
I bought it awhile ago without a specific purpose
and it fits this project well.

I loved the whole process and am anxious to start another project.

I want to perfect my binding process.
I definitely prefer attaching it to the front of the quilt 
and hand sewing it on the back.
I like the traditional look of it better and enjoy the
hand sewing while watching tv and/or hanging out with 
my family.

It was small enough that I was able to take it places with me
and work on it while the kids were busy with activities.

Simple squares 
using the large square on the Go! Value Die.
Straight diagonal lines for quilting

It's ready to ship to Chicago!

Happy Friday!


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