July 12, 2012

::Caprese Salad::

There are so many things I love about summer
and tomatoes are high on the list.

Nothing makes me happier than summer tomatoes.
(That's not exactly true, but you get the picture, right?)
They must be good ones though.  
Fresh, firm, and full of flavor.

(The thought of mealy, flavorless ones make me GAG!)

I am picky about my tomatoes and will
travel further then the local grocery store to get them.
Farm stands are my favorite way to purchase 
fresh produce!
In the Philly area, we get many tomatoes
 from Lancaster farms
and they are yummy!
One of my fave dishes is Caprese Salad.
I eat it almost every night in the summer usually on a plate
with a knife and fork to cut up my pieces bite by bite.
This is not my favorite way to eat.  
No, no, I have no use for knives and 
cutting up food with each bite.  Too civilized.  
I love to eat food out a bowl 
with all the ingredients all cozy like.
Welp, this summer is a new beginning for me and my tomatoes.
From now on, I'm chopping them up into little bite size pieces
 and using those cute little mozzarella 
balls instead of slicing the larger 1lb. balls.
With basil, salt, pepper and olive oil mixed in, I am good to go
and this is the perfect summer dinner for me.  Grilled chicken also goes well with it.

The best part of my new recipe is Sea Salt Flakes 
introduced to me by my favorite MIL.
Holy yummy!
I add it to a dish right before serving, when it's already
on the plate (or in a bowl) and it adds an extra goodness.
Word to the wise:  A little goes a looong way!

What's your favorite summer produce?  How do you prepare it?


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