July 10, 2012

::Three Sisterz Reunion Part One::

I can hardly look at these pictures 
without my eyes filling with tears.

Being with my sisters and their families is my favorite thing in the whole entire world.
My heart is filled and I feel the most content when 
my nieces and nephews are under my roof.

There's crying and laughing,
squabbles and cocktails,
a lot of cooking,
a lot of desserts,
early mornings with babies
and late nights for grown ups,
snuggling with all the kids,
kids' crafts and mommy projects,
daily grocery runs,
mid-day naps,
trips to the park and the pool.

It's action packed from start to finish.
It's exhausting.
It's fun.
It's priceless.

And at the end, there are tears and sadness 
that we must say goodbye again.
Flannery and her family,
Molly and her family hit the road to head back home
and I begin to tackle the laundry.

Three Sisterz Friday Night Clink!


Ginger B
Best cousins and best friends born within 6 weeks of each other.

The morning after Friday Night Clink!

Flannery with nephew Eammon.  


Nap time

Molly and Colleen

Call me maybe!

Masquerade ball


Eammon asleep at the pool

*more pictures to come*


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