August 7, 2012

::Greetings From the Beach::

Molly and I are back again at the Jersey Shore.
Renting a house for the week.
Without Flannery and her Chicago crew.
Major bummer that she can't be here,
so we're posting pictures for her to see!

Here ya go Flann:

Gratuitous sleeping baby picture.
First beach nap eva!

I might have to do a Thou Shall Covet:  Beach Cruiser Bikes post.
I'm pretty much in love.  This blue one is dandy,
but I'd pick out a bubble gum pink one with a large, wicker basket 
on the front.  Just the right size for the miniature poodle I'd love to have.

Like this one:

Fine, twist my arm. 
I'd take this one if I had to.

See how cute this pup is?
I already have her name picked out
and I just know she wants a ride in my beach cruiser.

Pops with the three out of the eight grandkids. 
Not sure who's happier; Pops or the kiddos.

Low tide, summer sun, blue sky and waves 
perfect for a little boogie boarding.

The Jersey Shore lifeguards
with their classic surfboard and 
white lifeguard chair.
The memories of my childhood.
They pull up their chair at nine,
drag it back up to the dunes at 5pm
and let out a long whistle when they leave.
Being on the beach after the lifeguards leave
means it's a good day.

Not sure what I love most about this picture.
The fresh little haircut on my girl.
The ballerina bathing suit.
Her undeterred concentration in readying the bucket
to flip it over and make a sand castle.
Or the lifeguards' flag.  Don't go outside the flag;
it's dangerous and they'll blow their whistle at ya.

Sweet dreams from the Jersey Shore!


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