August 9, 2012

::Embrace The Camera::

I'm jumping in with two feet.  I'm nervous and uncomfortable but as
Eleanor Roosevelt said,
"Do one thing everyday that scares you."
Every Thursday I'm going to *try* to Embrace The Camera.
No time like the present.

Here are the pictures:
The first time meeting my nieces and nephews 
is always emotional for me.
I'm completely overcome holding one of my sisters and sister-in-laws' new baby. 
A new baby to love.  A new child to watch grow up.
This is the latest baby to love on and I met him a few weeks after
he was born.  I'm in love.  He's a sweet, happy baby.
Even though I hate being in pictures, I always want a picture
with my new baby my sister's new baby.

 Gram and me.  My inspiration for quilting.
I have so many memories of watching her make quilts.
I wanted a picture with her and one of the quilts she gave me.

Me and my girls.
At the beach.
I want more pictures of me with them.
That's the point of Emily's Embrace the Camera.
I'll look back and be happy I took more pictures with them.
What do you think? Do you think I can do it?
Will you hold me accountable?
Can you do me a favor? 
Can you comment on these posts?
Pretty please.
I could use the encouragement!
Thanks Peeps!



cleverlyinspired said...

Yes yes yes.... You and your kids will be so happy to have all these pictures! You are beautiful inside and out... Embrace that my friend :) xoxo

Heidi said...

Oh I love, love, LOVE the picture with you and your Gram. I have almost no pictures with my Grandma and yours is just so sweet! Keep on taking pictures with your girls, they will love it and hopefully you will look back one day and love those pictures too :)

Linking up through Embrace...

Three Sisterz said...

Thanks Tracie and Heidi! I'm thrilled to get your encouragement!


Anonymous said...

Great post! What beautiful pictures!

The Smiths said...

Great pictures. Love the one of you and your grandma.

Anonymous said...

I've got only a few pictures with my parents or my siblings... and sometimes I wish I wasn't so self-aware when somebody tried to take a picture of me. Now I regret that. I do not want that to happen with my kids. I do want to have as many pictures with them as I can take :)

Jen | Our Happy Family said...

What sweet pictures! There is nothing like holding a new baby... and that pic with your grandma is adorable!! I so wish I had more pics with my grandma. I started embracing the camera 18 months ago & love looking back and being in more pics with the people I love!