May 18, 2011

Sarah Jane Fabrics

I love fabric. In a perfect world, someone would ship bolts of gorgeous fabric to my house and I would iron and fold it all day long. And they would pay me too because, hey, this is my dream and I'm dreaming big. As a child, there were always quilts on every bed in our house and our grandmothers' houses. I used to sit and look over all the fabrics and remember the dresses, curtains and other things that were used to make the quilts. Both of our grandmothers gifted their grandchildren with quilts and afghans. It felt so comforting to know that they made a special blanket just for us. We were loved with those quilts. I remember the Crazy quilt Grandma made using satins and velvets and other fabrics and how she hand stitched all different stitches around it. It is so beautiful. Another quilt Grandma made with thick, heavier fabric in a nautical theme was admired by our Dad when he was dating our Mom. Grandma said he could have it if he married her. He did and she gifted him the quilt. I love that quilt; for the fabric and the story.

Thinking back to all the memories and stories and how we were surrounded by these gifts of love, it really is not surprising that I love fabric. To receive a blanket or quilt that took so much time and effort was special because Gram and Nana did it all for each of us. I knew how much it took to make one of these and to think they spent so much time hand piecing (Nana did!) and hand quilting (Gram did!) just for me was the greatest act of love.

Looking at fabric and sewing brings me back to those loving feelings and this line by Sarah Jane is just so precious. Check out how cute these images are. I love the retro look of the pinwheels and carriages and the colors are so pleasing to the eye. I even love the names of the collections and the fonts in which they are written.

And go HERE to see her booth from the Quilt Market. So so so sweet. Sarah Jane's Etsy shop is on vacation, but I'm hoping to buy some of this fabric when she opens back up. Not sure what I'll use it for, I may just iron and fold it. ;)

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