August 21, 2012

::New in The Studio::

Apparently I don't have the energy that I used to.
I'm sure it has something to do with running my self ragged,
not-so-great diet and not getting enough sleep. Maybe.
Nonetheless, my daughter's birthday party wore me out.
Yep, five little five year olds exhausted me.
They were well-behaved, polite, good little listeners,
but being in their presence zapped me of every.little.thing.i.had.
So I did what every normal mommy does when a party ends.  
Turned on a movie,
pretended not to notice how much pinata candy my kids were eating
and fell into a deep sleep.  Deep. And by deep I mean, two hours.
It was my favorite kind of nap.  You know the ones. The ones
where it takes you 20 minutes to wake up and you are so groggy
you can hardly open your eyes.
The ones that cause you to sleep until 5:45 pm~ past dinner. 
After I cursed myself for sleeping so long and so late in the day
and after I got frustrated with what I knew was going to be a late night,
I actually smiled to myself and kinda chuckled.
'Cause I realized I'd be up late with lotsa energy, the hubs and kids
would be sound asleep and I would be in my sewing room cookin' somethin' up.

Such satisfaction.
Aren't they ADORBS?

Strawberries are such happy little fruit.

Don'tcha think? 


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