September 23, 2012

::Anchors Away::

remember flann's post about our
friday night clinks?

here's how we clinked
this past friday:

did you have a good weekend?
i only squeaked in a little sewing. 
i lay in bed most nights thinking about 
all the projects i'd like to do,
but they don't seem to get done.

i'm sure that happens to a lot of you.

i've been dying to make this burlap 
wreath and hopefully i'll get it done
before it's time to pull out the christmas decorations.

here's what i did get done and i adore it.
i did some chunky hand stitching around the sails
with embroidery floss
and did a straight stitch by machine
around the bottom of the boat.
and please, there is nothing better than gingham.
it's timeless and classic.

picture taken with instagram
*colors slightly changed*

p.s.  we've been watching our
"stats" climb up and up and up.
we couldn't be happier. 
ecstatic, even.
so, welcome to all our new readers
and thanks to all of you 
for joining us 
in this little corner of blogland.

happy sunday night, peeps!


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