September 25, 2012

::Embrace the Camera:: Doing it for my GIRLS

Okay, I heard Court loud and clear.
I'm going to embrace the camera.
I joke with my friends that I have reverse body dysmorphic--I think I look better than I do. 
That sounds a little arrogant, but it's not.
What I mean, is I look in the mirror and think, "Ok, hey, not so bad." And then I see pictures and think, "WTH?  I look terrible!" 
So, as a consequence, I've slowly stopped taking pictures of myself.

But sweet Mary Larkin (below) loves to see pictures of us together.  
So I have to indulge her.

And I have to teach them all, including Eleanor (below), that it's not okay to be mean to yourself.
We are but a gift from God, so treat it with respect and kindness.

And sweet Baby Girl Ginger (below), must know what it is to have a happy, proud, confident mommy.
Because she's not going to be a happy, proud, confident woman if her mommy doesn't teach her what it means to be one.

So I'm going to be better.
I'm going to embrace.
And I'm going to love whatever face looks back at me.
No matter what.

And on that note, I bought a pair of fake maternity jeggings.
They are not maternity but they have a w-i-d-e elasticized waistband.
No, I'm not pregnant.
But the waistband feels good.
So I'm going with it.

Sending love to all of our readers--BE PROUD.
Be kind to yourselves, please.

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