September 26, 2012


did you like flann's embracing of the camera?
mols and i totes agree she is the best writer of this sisterz bunch.
and we may be a wee bit jealous over it.
just a tad.

the funny thing about embrace the camera
is that it's forcing us to embrace ourselves.
it's forcing us to take pictures of ourselves
and look at ourselves
and like ourselves.

all three of us have a hard time doing that.
and we talk about it all the time to each other.
there are frequent messages texted between the three of us:

"why don't i look as cute as so and so?"
"i wish i had cute clothes like you."
"i wish i could write like you."
"i hate my muffin top."
"my thighs are big."
"i hate my nose."
"my boobs are huge."
"my boobs are deflated."
"i hate my c-section scar."
"i hate my stretch marks."

ok, ok, i'll stop there.

we are our own toughest critics.

and every single time that one of us
vents their insecurities,
the other two are 
there with supportive messages:

"stop saying that."
"you're beautiful."
"omg. i love your hair."
"you look great."
"i think you are adorable."
"i wish i looked like you."
"you're always so put together."

is it just us?
do you feel that way sometimes too?
can you relate?
how do you get past it?

i'm turning 40 in a few months
and i have three daughters.
i need to be nicer to myself.

i'm working on it one day at a time.
baby stepping it

one things for sure,
i still need to work on picmonkey-ing my pictures
but i am gettin' pretty good.

and this post just wouldn't be complete
without some eye candy.

a little cupcake for
a baby girl in Chicago.
isn't it just to-die-for?

wish i could have made this picture
look better

this picture turned out really crisp and clear and large.

talk later!


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