September 27, 2012

::Thou Shall Covet:: Vintage Doors

Flann recently bought a beautiful home outside of Chicago.  I'm having major house jealousy being that I am currently in a two bedroom condo with a husband, two little boys & a dog. ;)  So, let's just say that instead of being jealous...I'm living vicariously through her.  Sound good?

Anyway...Flann found this a-ma-zing old (barn?) door in her basement which the previous owners left behind.  She posted this picture on Instagram and the wheels immediately started turning.

She hit the jackpot, don't you think?!

  Check out the (original?) paperwork:

And the knob (swoon!):

Flann posed the question, "What should I do with it?"  

I couldn't send her my ideas fast enough - I was so jealous excited!

One, use it as a headboard.  Maybe for one of the girl's beds?

OR two, use it as a sliding door (my personal favorite!):

So, dear readers, which idea is your favorite?!  Or do you have another idea for Flannery?!  We want to hear what you think!


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Allison said...

Sliding door!