September 13, 2012

::Me, Myself and I::

i've been practicing my picmonkey skills.
i was frustrated at first, but i'm getting more comfy with it.
and maybe, just maybe i'm liking it.

are you busy this september?
i feel like i'm being swallowed up 
by paper work from my girls' schools
and all that goes on in the first couple
weeks of the school year.

i'm missing the lazy days of summer.

i'm visiting a friend this weekend.
we will be sewing and crafting
and i can't wait.
hopefully, i'll have pictures to share when
the weekend is over.

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Jessa said...

pretty ring. pretty blog. fun post! I wanna come sewing and crafting. Have fun!

Three Sisterz said...

thanks Jessa!

emily anderson said...

you're beautiful.

have an awesome weekend full of crafting :)

Three Sisterz said...

awwww! thank you emily!