September 14, 2012

::Fabric on Friday::

I picked out all my classes for Sewing Summit 2012!
I can.not.wait.
I'll share which classes in another post.

In other news, it's Friday.
And per usual, my love of fabric continues
and I want to share it with someone!

Even if you don't comment on my post,
you're still here reading it.  Right?
Do you love fabric like I do?
I love it. 
I'd love to own a fabric store.
And design fabrics.
But that's another post.

Ever heard of Spoonflower?
Spoonflower is one of those businesses
that is so unique and makes me wonder,
 "Why can't I think of something like that?"
I'm so jealous of the creators of Spoonflower.
 They've created a start-up business of printing custom fabric.
How fun! The fabric designs are so unique
and the Fabric of the Week contest fascinates me.
The last contest was Zig Zag Cheater Quilt Fabric.
Go here to see the entries and the winner.
This week's contest theme is Black and White Typewriters.
Upcoming themes are: 
Donkeys & Elephants
Earth Science
Eighties Embroidery Pattern

So do you like to paint, doodle, draw, design?
Send them your work and they will print it 
and you're also able to sell it on their website as well.
Otherwise you can be like me
and browse, shop and vote 
over Spoonflower.

Learn more about them here.
Interested in getting started? Read this.

Here are just a few of the fabrics I've found.
love the gray and yellow!

make your own doll!

a dish towel

love the swirly feel

elephants are so durn caa-uute!

love the fat chunky roundness
just happy, happy, happy

One of my favefavefavefave bloggers, fabric designers and sewists
is Tara who does things all aqua and red at 
She makes up the sweetest drawings
and a couple years ago started making and
selling her designs on fabric over at Spoonflower.
Her designs were popular on Spoonflwer
 and she also sold her fabric in 
her Etsy shop.
Needless to say she has partnered up 
to produce her darling fabrics.

I want to be just like Tara 
when I grow up.

Happy Friday! 
 I'm off to drool over Spoonflower fabric
and dream about what I'll design.


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