September 17, 2012

::Flannery Does Milk Paint::

Any time Mimi and Pops are here for a visit, stuff gets D.O.N.E.
Old carpets get ripped up from hallways.
Lamps get hung.
Tools get organized.
And today.....

A $25 garage sale dresser gets a makeover.
Mimi has been dying to try milk paint so here was her chance.
We decided on a very very light green.
So we went to this cool as beans hardware store, John Millen's in Wilmette, IL.
Mimi about died at the variety of drawer pulls.
And found the supplies.

Mimi went to town while I watched babies and cooked for Pops.
You know the 'ol saying....the way to bribe your father to stay longer is through his stomach...
or somethinglikethat.

Anyway, here she is.

The finish itself is very interesting but what shocked us the most was how the pulls turned out.
These are the original, which Mimi soaked in white vinegar until all of the grime came off.
Stunning, non?

When I get this little doozy into Ginger's room and situated, I'll take more pics.  But for now, all I can say is, milk paint is FUN.  Next on our agenda?  Trying our hand at making our own chalk paint.  Mimi is way more adventurous then me with these things so now's the time....with her here and all.  Oh, and in case you are wondering: Pop's favorites are candy corn, Corona, flank steak, and pickled beets.  Done. Done. And done.


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Designing Domesticity said...

Ohhh, great makeover. I do love milk paint. but that hardware certainly steals the show. thanks for sharing, liz