September 20, 2012

::New in the Studio::

i got me some 
picmonkey skillz.

i love the baby gift sets.
just sweet as pie.

my sis-in-laws just placed two orders:
one baby gift set in neutrals 'cause the parents-to-be
aren't finding out the sex of their lil' bambino.
and the second set is for a girl with 
a preppy momma who loves
polka dots.

tomorrow is thursday.
remember what's been goin' on 'round
here on thursdays?
oh and this one too.

are you getting as sick of my face as i am?
are you hoping flannery or molly post their
pretty faces tomorrow?
i am.
sisterz, do you hear me?
i know you have pictures.
i've seen them in instagram.
you've sent them in text messages.
it's time. 
 throw them in a post
and call it a day.

{{edited to add: it's after midnight.
 technically it's already thursday.
but let's just pretend 
it's late wednesday night, k?}}

tune in tomorrow...


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