October 16, 2012

::Planes, Trains and Automobiles::

My trip to Salt Lake City for Sewing Summit 2012 was beyond my expectations.  I'm not sure I can even fully articulate my experience yet.  The friends I made, the classes that I took, all the great information I learned is rolling about in my head and I need some time to process.  What I can tell you is that it was a life changing experience and if you ever have the chance to go to Sewing Summit or anything like it- no matter you what your hobby/interest may be- you should do it.

I sent this pic to both my sisterz to make sure I was looking acceptable ;) and they both loved it.  That gave me the courage to walk into a big group not knowing a single soul!



nydia said...

It was so nice meeting you in SLC... :-) I am glad you came :-)


Erin McSweeney said...

hey it was great to meet you in the taxi on the way to the hotel, and throughout the whole summit...it was a lot of fun.

Katie said...

It was absolutely fantastic to meet you, and enjoy a semi-leisurely breakfast with you. I'm not sure I could ever have gone without knowing a soul. Knowing Bianca beforehand really saved me!
I'm glad you were brave enough to take the leap :-)

Three Sisterz said...

Thank you Nydia, Erin and Katie! I'm so glad to have met you. Keep in touch!