December 1, 2012

::I Had a Lunch Lady...::

... who worked in our high school cafeteria and she was a true Southern woman.  She was a curvy woman and witty and friendly to her co-workers and students alike.  Kind of the antithesis of women outside our hometown of Washington, D.C.  She was slightly out of place~ either a transplant from somewhere down south or a true southerner who was a native Virginian from before this area became "Northern Virginia."  We used to walk through the lunch line to get our lunch and she was always  chatting and talking to us unlike most of the ladies; I looked forward to seeing her.  One day, a group of us were standing in line (early and patiently) waiting for the lunch ladies to start serving food and she said one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my life and never forgotten even 20 years later.

She said, "It's so quiet in here, I could hear a flea piss on cotton."  

And that my friends, is how it's been around here.

I'll be back soon.

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Cindy said...

You are so funny! Hope all is well!

Cindy said...

You are so funny!

Three Sisterz said...

Thanks Cindy! I so appreciate your comment! Yay for comments! All is well and good. Plenty of sewing. I was so inspired at Sewing Summit that I've kept my machine so busy I've worried about it burning out. LOL.
Hope you are doing well also!


Melissa said...

OK....I am now a follower. Having just seen you and with everything being so hectic, I never had a chance to really check in with how things were going with your business. I went to your website instead. amazing is this? I love it. So great. I LOVE the old picture of you and your sisters. YOUR HAIR WAS FABULOUS. I am also going to now "embrace the camera" and have Gord take a picture of me and the kids tonight. You inspire me!!! (and don't dare tell me you never made your own baby food) :)

Three Sisterz said...

Melissa, you are too funny! Thanks for visiting our little old blog and commenting too! I am thrilled you are 'embracing the camera' and inspired to get in the pictures with your cute kids. Wish we could take credit for the whole idea, but I'm happy we are able to pass it on.
Thanks for being a follower~ I SWEAR I never made my own baby food~ unless you count nursing. LOL!