December 19, 2012

:: Fabric Scraps Ornaments ::

Super Easy. Super Cute. Kid Approved.

-styrofoam balls (Michael's or any craft store)
-fabric scraps, cut in 1-2 inch squares
-ribbon, ric rac, pom poms 
-a pointy device with a dull nose. We used the dull side of a skewer.  Our inspiration used a knitting needle.
-hot chocolate, coffee, cake pops, Christmas cookies (for consumption while crafting)

We had SO much fun doing this with a friend today.  Mary Larkin, my kindy girl, and I took our fabric scraps over to Amalie's house for a playdate. When another mom says she likes being crafty, a girl's gotta capitalize, non?

These Christmas ornaments turned out super cute.  Our balls were about four or so inches wide; I would do a smaller ball next time so that they hang from the branches easier.  These rest on the branches. Either way, they are very cute.

Take your skewer or knitting needle and center the tip on the fabric square, gently pushing it into the styrofoam ball. Continue with more fabric squares until it is covered.  Be careful not to put the fabric squares too close together.  If you do, the styrofoam will start to break apart.  Put the fabric just close enough to ensure no styrofoam is showing.

Cute, non?

To add the ribbon, I cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length--double however long you want to hang from the branch.  Loop it in half and pin the ends together to the styrofoam. The fabric scraps will cover the pin.

Here are the girls with theirs.  They chose pom poms to hang theirs.  I used two pins to secure this to the styrofoam because it is a bit weightier then the ribbon.

ML and I each made one for our tree. It is always a pleasure crafting with my girls.

Here is the finished product. I love it. 
It's not an exact science, but if you have questions ask away.  Or, you know, if you just want to add a comment and tell me you love it, you can do that too. 
Oh and remember that fabric scrap wreath I made Court? I would totally use this method with a styrofoam wreath form instead!  Much quicker and arguably a similar effect.


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They look great! Thanks for sharing :)