January 3, 2013

::Finally Finished A Quilt::

I finished a quilt!  What a great feeling.  I did the entire thing on my own from start to finish.  I cut and pieced it way back in April.  See it here.  And then summer got in the way.  

I love, love, love cutting and piecing the fabric that came in the Vintage Modern layer cake.   It's so much easier to focus on the process of quilting when the fabric is coordinated and I don't fret about fabric colors and placement.  

Basting the quilt top, batting and fabric backing is a little tedious in that I get so frazzled trying to keep everything smooth and flat.  I spray basted but I'm going to use pins next time or maybe I'll try the spray again one more time, but spray it on much thicker.  I'm just not ready to give up on it. 

 Quilting on my sewing machine is not easy but will get easier with time, I'm sure.  I was a bit disappointed that I missed quilting two lines that I had intended to do but by then the binding had been added so there was no going back.  I attached the binding on the front by machine and hand sewed it closed on the back.  I love hand sewing the binding, especially in the winter when I use the blanket to keep me cozy.

I gifted the quilt to Flannery and family and maybe she'll take some more pics of it for us to share.

Happy New Year!


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