January 7, 2013

::I Spy Quilt::

One thing I did for Sewing Summit was to join a fabric swap.  Wasn't sure what it was all about but I'm so glad I did it.  I got all these awesome squares of fabric in the exchange!  They are so cute and it's fun to see what you get.  This one was an I-Spy swap so all the fabrics have cute, little images.  

Coupled with Amy's inspiration and my daughter's teacher having a baby and voila!

Oooopssss.  I always have trouble with the darn corners.  Any suggestions to avoid that?

I decided to pin baste it and skip the spray.  I used the knitting/crocheting needle to help pull the pin tip up and out of the fabric.  Super easy.  All I could think of when I pinned was visiting my gram and watching her sit on the floor with her head and shoulders bent over and pinning her quilts on her family room floor~ most were very large.  She still quilts at 96 years young and it's so sweet to watch her work.  

More work to be done and I hope to do it soon!



Molly Hammond said...

what a lucky teacher. :)

FrizzyMom said...

Beautiful! There's a new swap on my blog it'd you'd like to join! http://heartathomemama.blogspot.com/2013/06/i-spy-charm-swap-1.html