January 10, 2013

::New in the Studio::

My sewing machines are staying busy these days.  I actually have both of them set up and use them all the time.  My old school Bernina 1008, which I call the 'work horse', is mostly for quilting projects.  The walking foot stays on it as does the white thread.  My newer Bernina 215 model is used for the smaller projects, especially the appliques and burp cloths.  The needle down feature of the 215 is a must for those. 

a skirt

birdie skirt

gift set~ gender neutral

tied with floss

turtle applique

gift set ~ gender neutral

gift set~ girl

ready to be mailed

Another reason for keeping the two machines in use?  My girl can sew next to me.  Can I just tell you how much I love that?  She made her own initial bag and learned how to use the zig zag stitch around the edge of the applique.

While waiting for my help in finishing her bag, she absently-mindedly doodled a cat and we turned it into an applique for the back of the bag.

A picture of our NYE celebration.  The three of us met up in North Carolina with family for a couple days and it was awesome.  How can you not have fun with all these kiddos? 

in order from left to right:
Maeve 5
Coleman 2
Sarah 5 (a cousin)
Eleanor 7
Bridget 9
Phoebe 2 (a cousin)
Colleen 11
Mary Larkin 5
Ginger 2
and baby Eamonn, 7 mos, was already fast asleep.

It was a fun night of s'mores and a countdown at 8pm.  My kinda night!


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