January 29, 2013

::Revisiting a WIP::

These two ladies were instructors at Sewing Summit and they were awesome.

Kati (left), from From the Blue Chair, taught how to put together 45 diamonds~ I have not mastered those and need some practice and instruction.  Those triangle points are just tough!

Faith (right), from Fresh Lemon Quilts, taught us how to use partial seams to piece quilt blocks.
Partial seems are so easy and quick for me and I can see myself using this technique again.  I'll stick with squares and rectangles for now.  Faith makes some beautiful ones with triangles.  Her starfall quilt is just gorgeous.

Here's the first one I made while in Utah.

Here's sweet Amy of Diary of a Quilter.  I was thrilled to meet her and she sat next to me in this class.

 Completed squares.

I made 20.  Wasn't sure if I should put sashes between the blocks or not.

Decided NOT to do sashes.  
Keep blocks in identical position or mix it up?

Mixing things up for sure!

 Looking at the pieces through the pictures helps give more perspective to the overall look and placement of the fabric squares.  Makes for a much easier decision making.

Now to start sewing them all together!


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