April 4, 2013

::Fabric Shopping::

I went fabric shopping with my ONE and ONLY local quilting friend, Maura!  It's my favorite thing to do, EVA!  We were literally giddy with excitement on the one hour drive there.  And giddy with sewing and quilt talk too.  The store is enormous and we spent 2 hours roaming the isles and filing our carts.  Fabulous.  Heaven, I tell ya!

full cart

As soon as we pull into the parking lot, my mind starts racing with ideas and in my head I'm thinking, "omgomgomgomgomgomgomg."  When we get inside, I usually elbow Maura out of the way, grab a cart and start yanking bolts of fabric off the shelves.

tone on tone chevron from Riley Blake

My heart literally races and I zip around aisles trying to catch my breath.  The announcer from Supermarket Sweep is in my head urging me on.

I lose sight of Maura for a long while as we are both off in our own worlds.  Tackling the store in our unique ways.  I start right inside the front door on the left with the precuts and zig zag the entire left side of the store.  Then I head to the sale section in the back on the right hand side of the store and work my way back to the front.  Maura starts in the sale section and is usually waiting for me by the registers.
Noteworthy by Sweetheart
Sometimes we pass each other and peek to see what the other has gathered.  Some oohing and aaahhhing occurs and 'oh, where'd you find that?'
Lucky Penny by Allison Glass

She's much more thoughtfull and deliberate and sticks with her list of what she needs for a particular project.  Sometimes she'll show me a fabric she loves ( like the ninjas) and then SHE PUTS IT BACK ON THE SHELF!!

How does she have such control??  Ack! If I love it, I have to have it.  Even if it just sits on my shelf.  (I am still thinking about those cute ninjas and wishing I'd bought them.)
Ahoy Matey by Michael Miller

After two hours of adrenaline pumping, we sit in her car eating lunch and thanking the Quilting Gods that not one school nurse called us to come pick up a sick child.
Don't Be Crabby by Laurie Wisborn

miscellaneous stash builders

stash builders

more stash

On the long ride home, we talk all about the projects we want to work on and how we wish we had more time to sew.
novelty prints that I couldn't live without


And when she drops me off at home, it's all I can do to drag myself up the front steps with my bag of goodies.  I'm exhausted, but the second half of my day is about to start as the kids are getting off the bus.
my loot
And then we text one more time.

Thanks, Maura!



Cindy said...

Sounds like a fun day Courtenay! Hope all is well.

Three Sisterz said...

Thanks Cindy! Have you marked your calendar for SS13?