June 6, 2013

::My Girls, My Nails and My Vintage Goodies::

I'm slowly embracing the camera and all the happier for it.

With the littlest after bath time.

My last Kindergarten Mother's Day celebration.  *tears*

My last kindergarten picnic. 

Watching my oldest play softball all spring was a great way to spend our time.  Even her sister agreed on most days.

The Brooklyn Flea came to Philly!  I've always wanted to go but have never made the trip to NYC so when I heard it was coming here, I was so excited.  It's in the Northern Liberties part of town at a place called the Piazza at Schmidts, an Italian style open-air plaza by the old Schmidt's Brewery.    Jared Kushner, aka Ivanka Trump's husband, now owns the Piazza and brought the Flea here.  Ivanka was down there on Sunday but I didn't see her!  If you live in the area, you should come check it out.

Some goodies I picked up at the Flea.

My new favorite vintage glasses for drinking Pellegrino with lemon.  They inspired my weekly manicure.  The color is OPI's Jade is the New Black.

Last week's color was Essie's Bobbing for Baubles, a dark, deep navy blue.  I love it.

Happy almost Friday!


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