April 25, 2011

Vacations are...

*good for the body AND soul ~ i walked for an hour every day last week!

*swimming all day in the pool with new friends marco and polo

Colleen loooooves swimming!

*perfecting your underwater somersault

*floating in a pink inner tube holding a shark

*sunny skies and playing with your kids

Bridget celebrated her 8th birthday last week. Lucky girl!

*relaxing... especially when your kids are out of diapers, don't need strollers and don't need to take naps anymore (sorry Sisterz, you've got a long way to go)

* reconnecting with your family

Maeve with her grandfather

*and a chance to get refreshed.

And look! I'm actually posting a picture of me on the blog!

me w/Colleen


cleverlyinspired said...

I totally agree...vacations are sacred!! Love this pics!!!

Allison said...

Looks lovely! And what a FAB photo of you!