April 26, 2011

What Kind of a Sewing Machine Do You Have?

I got a new machine!  Yippee!!!  I'd love to say I did the research, found the perfect model of machine I wanted and then went out and made the purchase.  It began that way and I got 100% mired down in indecision: What brand was best?  What features did I have to have?  What features would I eventually want once I was a more experienced sewer?    (Not to mention that with our big move I was too scared to spend that kind of money.  eek.)  So, when my Aunt called and said her friend was selling her Bernina which was ten years old but closet kept all these years, I thought, okay, this is it.   At least this will get me sewing on a better machine then what I have now and in a few years, I can make the leap to fancier doo dah.  

Now if only I wasn't on the road and I had this little baby up and running in my house already......

Nothing a little Fantastik and dust busting can't fix.

It's an Activa 130.  Anybody else have one?

The feet alone made this a good buy--walking foot, free motion quilting foot, pintucking foot (will I really ever use that?!).

That's Mimi reading the manual and Eleanor looking on--she wants to get her hands on my old machine. I told her I'd set it up for her--mommy and me sewing tables?!

Alright, so let's fastforward five years and I'm ready to buy new--what do I buy?  What do YOU have and why do you LOVE it?

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Mrs.B said...

I have had mine for years, it's a Kenmore. It works great, when my Aunt uses it! ;)