May 2, 2011

How Cute is This? And It's Free!

There are some seriously generous bloggers out there! Lindsay over at Sugar Fresh has this precious artwork that you must download. I'm going to download and print at Costco! Check out the link above to see the other colors and patterns that she offers. Her shop on Etsy is so sweet too! Perfect timing for Mother's Day!

Speaking of, what are your plans for Mother's Day? I usually choose to visit Chanticleer with my family, purchase plants from a local nursery and spend the afternoon gardening with my family. Our tradition is that I get to choose all the activities of the day and everyone must participate. It's a relaxing day for me and the only day of the year that I get to do exactly what I want! Priceless! Now hurry to get your sweet Sugar Fresh print for yourself or a special mom in life!

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