May 22, 2011

Scenes From My Yard

I have total creative burnout.  
Well, that's not entirely accurate.
See, I'm not really "creating" anything lately.
No sewing.  No crafting.  No cute necklaces with vintage jewelry.
Which, btw, I get TONS of compliments every time I wear it so GO.MAKE.ONE.
All of my energy has been going into absorbing my new surroundings.

Like watching the family of bunnies that cohabitate with us and the neighbors.

And checking in every morning to see if my peony bush has bloomed yet.  Nope, couple more days maybe?

And wishing that somehow the snowblower would magically move itself into the garage from the spot where the movers put it.  
(Honey, if you are reading this....)

Admiring the girls "stepping stones" that we made at Garfield Conservatory out of plaster of paris and sequins. 

Relaxing and not worrying about the girls AND my dishes getting covered in mud.  It's being a kid, right?

Yuck.  That one had to go in the trash.  Oh well.

That one I hung onto for the baby's Cheerios.  NOT.

Anybody else in a creative funk OR are we really just expending our creative juices in a different way?
You be the judge.

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