May 25, 2011

Master Bedroom Update

Remember my bedroom re-do?  I blogged some inspiration pieces, coveted my mother's four poster Stickley bed, and then whipped up some drop cloth pillows to put the inspiration into actual action.  It's time for an update...since we moved. Now you can see what I've done because: a) I'm in a new house and; b) I got my mom's bed!!!!!!!!!!!

If you notice, I used the same bird prints that were my husband's grandmothers.  I just had them reframed.

This house is not as charming or vintage as my old house.  Plus, we're renting so I'm not painting.  Still, I feel like our inherited furniture and art makes the room.
Doesn't the bed look pretty?

Kept the tall brass lamps that came from both mothers.  They are large Mexican candlesticks that we made into lamps.

And, well, I don't want you to think that my house is ever that immaculate.  Because it's not. This is a typical scene during the day.
Laundry not put away yet.
Socks not matched yet.  
Bed frame that originally held the bed has not been taken away yet.

This is my husband's dresser. Beautiful, yes?  It came from his grandfather.  I wonder if his grandfather ever put his laundry away?

Thanks for taking a peek. Now, do you have a piece of furniture that you love?

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Korrie@RedHenHome said...

No wonder you love it! I have a buffet I bought for $80 off of a classified ad. I love it forever and for always!