June 28, 2011

Indoor Terrarium

I was intrigued by an indoor terrarium that I saw in Real Simple this month. We live in a condo, so we don't have a garden or a yard. We've tried (several times) to add plants to our decor, however the whole "watering" thing always gets the best of us. And, I'm not usually a fan of fake flowers or plants. Indoor terrariums are supposed to be low maintenance (LOVE!) , so I decided to make my own this weekend. Oh, and I think this would make a fun summer activity to keep the kids entertained. :) Check out this website & this one too, for instructions!

What I used & where I bought it:
Jar (Michael's)
Stones (Michael's)
Activated Charcoal (Petsmart)
Potting Soil & Moss(Home Depot)
Sand (Michael's)
Plants (Home Depot)
Decorations (Michael's)

Step 1: Add stones or gravel

Step 2: Add layer of activated charcoal

Step 3: Add layer of moss

Step 4: Mix soil & sand together

Step 5: Add layer of soil/sand mixture
Step 6: Add plants, flowers, etc.

Step 7: Add decorations

Care Instructions:
Water lightly, every few weeks!
Put in bright light, but not direct sunlight.

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Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

Mols-I love the plants you chose. So cute.