June 13, 2011

Yet ANOTHER Bedroom Update

Remember my bedroom update?
(How could you not, right? It's not like I keep bringing it up.)
Well, it's summer and I decided to try for a little update (AGAIN?!), you know, to lighten it up.

I switched out the heavy red comforter for my grandmother's quilt and took out some of the drop cloth pillows.
I also added two yellow chevron pillows from FestiveHomeDecor on Etsy.

I received the quilt as a wedding gift from my grandmother.
It is made of all Lily Pulitzer fabrics. Jealous much?
Here's my dilemma, though. It just doesn't go with the heavy colors and textures in my bedroom. Or does it?

Without the Lily P. quilt, the pillows go with the bird prints and the rest of the room.

What do you think? What would help the Lily P. quilt go?!

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