August 2, 2011

Terrarium Trend

Remember my indoor terrarium? I made my own after spotting this one (from Twig Terrariums) in Real Simple magazine last month.

Ever since I made mine, I've been noticing terrariums everywhere! I even came across a beautiful book all.about.terrariums.

There is a terrarium out there for everyone (I'm sounding really nerdy right now, aren't I?). Here are my current favs available for purchase. But, of course, if you want to DIY and create your own (inexpensively, I might add!), see how I made mine here.

For those apartment/condo dwellers, there's Tiny Terrain's Sweet Little Sugar Bowl Moss Terrarium.  How sweet is this little guy?!

For those seeking a beachy terrarium OR if you'd like to DIY your own, check out Sea and Aster's Sea Side Kit:

OR their Beach Kit:

If you are wanting something colorful, funky or modern, Wendiland has some fun (and affordable!) terrariums.  These would make great gifts!

And finally, for all of you big spenders, we have Anthropologie's Translucent Droplet Terrarium:  (Seriously, who would pay $1,450 for a glass terrarium!?!? And plants aren't even included!)

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