August 3, 2011

Work in Progress

Ok, so here's the scoop.
I started a quilt.
I realized after a few squares
that I was not measuring correctly.
I was also struggling a bit
putting the squares together.
I love the colors of the quilt.
So peaceful and relaxing to look at...
I am not drawn to pick up and use muted colors.

I kept looking around for brighter pops
of color
and then putting them back down
because they were too bright.

I put the quilt to the side for now.

In the meantime,
I found this quilt from
and made several squares in
one night.

Without intending to,
I used pinks, blues, greens, turquoise,
a hint of yellow and a hint of red.
The center of each square is
bright pink!

And when I'm working on this at the end of the day...
when I'm a little tired,
I don't have to worry too much
about measuring accurately.
I can just play with scraps of colors.

I really don't like having a Work in Progress
that I'm not working on
and I will get back to it eventually
but in the meantime
Pleasant Home's Scrap Quilt
is making me so happy!

Let me know:

Do you have projects that you struggle with?
Do you put them to the side for awhile?
Or do you push through?

1 comment:

Flannery @ Three Sisterz said...

LOVE IT! Can I have it when you are done? Haha.