December 15, 2011

ChalkCloth Christmas Ornaments

Hi there,
I write from the land of the sick and the brave.
We've conquered, we've battled, but we will not be defeated.
Well, at least the kids won't be defeated.
Me?  The Mom?  Well that's a whole nother story.
I'm close to being defeated.  I mean seriously, legally aren't I entitled to a break every four hours?  Or, like, aren't I eligible at this point to collect overtime pay?

Well, I did manage to eek out these c u-u-u-u te teacher gifts this week.  
However, and don't kill me, I did not produce the tutorial.
Tell Court and Molly not to fire me from blogging.

So this Chalk Cloth business is fun! 
My supply came from our amazing, wonderful sponsor the Online Fabric Store.  

I sewed the patch of chalk cloth onto some leftover drop cloth I had (member my pillows?).  

Then I essentially made a little pillow with sweet Christmas fabric on the other side and attached a loop of dark red grosgrain ribbon for hanging.

Do you recognize the handsome man in the photo?

I thought they turned out really cute.  Put together with one of those cool chalk pens and wrap in a cellophane bag and its a sweet Christmas gift.   I like the idea of the kiddos writing the message, too. Could be the year (2011), could be the name, or perhaps a special thank you message.

Happy Holidays everyone.  I won't be with my sisters and nieces and nephew this year (tear) but I will be where it is warm with the in-laws. 


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Just Jaime said...

Sorry about sick kiddos! I love the ornament! What a fun idea!