December 11, 2011

::New in The Studio::

Say hello to the oldest Tooth Fairy Pillow
in the universe.
Our mom, being the sentimental keeper of all
things in our childhood, brought this to my oldest
when her teeth started to fall out.
As cute as it is...
we were in need of a little update.
I mean... it's more than 30 years old.
This little gingham cutie is gonna be retired to
a knick knack shelf in the girls' room.

Plus, my niece (Flannery's daughter) is getting to the age
when her teeth are gonna start falling out so she needs one too.

Complete with pom pom fringe, of course.
And a little embroidery to make it extra handmade.

Even though my precious little nephew (Molly's son)
is years away from losing teeth~
in fact, he's still doesn't have them all!
well, he needs one too.
How ca-ute is that baseball fabric?!

Mad for Plaid
some Christmas dresses

and a pink one too!

Here are some new number shirts too.
See one you like? Send us a message to order one.
We're hoping to get these listed in the shop soon.

up close

doesn't get much sweeter than these.

and for boys...
there's that baseball fabric again!
blue+red+green=classic style!

with construction signs

another girls shirt

a close up.
love, love, love the turquoise and red

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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