February 24, 2012


this little chickie
makes my heart go
i spent the morning
cutting out chickies and their eggs.
being in my sewing room is so relaxing
and i feel like i can leave all my stresses
at the door.
i'm so glad i've found my passion
and have something that feeds my soul.
i'm grateful for that.

this is a custom order.
how happy is the sunshine face?
and i'm a new fan of yellow and gray!
i hand stitched the eyes and mouth.

this one's for a new baby.
i love babies.
my first thought when i woke up
this morning was that i wanted another baby.
(i think i was dreaming that i had one)
i felt sad that we are done having babies.
(my choice by the way)
last time i said i wanted another baby,
flannery said, "No way! I can't go through
another one of your pregnancies."
i don't blame her; my pregnancies are tough
and i've reached my limit~ three c-sections is
enough for me.
three kids is plenty too.

making clothes for other peoples' babies
is a good substitute.
and if you have a baby and need a hand,
bring your little one over here
and i'll hold them.

happy friday, chickies.

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