February 26, 2012

::Though Shall Covet Gray::

yes, it's winter
and gray days can give a girl the blahs
but i'm kind of liking all the gray stuff
that's popping up these days.

i think gray might be the new beige.

and f.y.i
if you're like me
and not sure how to spell the word,
here's a tip:

grAy is how it's spelled in America

grEy is how it's spelled in England

{courtesy of greyorgray.com}

anyhoo, i started thinking about gray
after i made this sunshine shirt.
i made it to match this precious bow~
by LexaMae Fancies n Frills.
and it got me thinking that i've seen a lot of gray recently.

Apartment Therapy approves of all things gray.
In fact, they say,

"Gray is a hot color right now, from darkest charcoal to palest smoke. And while trends come and go, gray has perennially been a good choice for the bedroom, its quiet, calming, restful and beautiful in a classic way that works equally well with both masculine and feminine leaning decor."

so let's take a gander at all the
gray out there these days.

This bedroom would be a soothing place
to unwind after a long day.

even with a burst of yellow,
this room is still calm and peaceful.
perfect for a bedroom.
those pillows and and coverlet can be switched
out at anytime for a fresh updated look
without having to change the paint.

if you're redoing a bedroom,
a headboard like this can be your anchor piece.

whoa, can you tell i'm liking the gray and yellow?

let's switch it up a bit, shall we?

and a post wouldn't be complete without
some fabric love.
uses gray in her lines of fabric
and i adore it!
her blog is precious
go check it out!

even the celebs are getting in on the trend
wish i'd looked that awesome when
i was pregnant.

what do you think? are you a fan of the grays? or the greys?
or do want to wash that gray right out of your hair?
head over to apartment therapy.
they've already compiled a list of
grays that are just perfect.

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