March 4, 2012

::Top O' the Mornin' To You::

three sisterz is gearing up for the big day
in March when we celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland.
or the day we celebrate green beer. or any kind of beer, really.

each St. Pat's day my mom
would make a festive dinner
of corn beef and cabbage
to celebrate our irish heritage.

that was the day i always wished i were italian so
I could order a Domino's pizza instead.

never been a fan of corn beef and cabbage,
bu i appreciated her gestures, nonetheless.

every February, for my birthday,
my mom would make me a heart shaped cake.
'cause ya know, valentine's day and all that.

in March, she would make a shamrock cake
for Flannery on the 8th.

they were all great traditions.
thanks for the memories, Mom!

what are your family traditions?
the ones you grew up with?
the ones you've started in your family?


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