March 5, 2012

::New in The Studio::

i always want to preface my posts by saying,
"it looks better in person"
because my pictures are always so dang dark
and don't do justice to whatever I've made, IMHO.

i have no time for editing pictures though.
it's one of those things that i loathe
and procrastinate and find so difficult.

blah, blah, blah.
i'd much rather be sewing
or reading Hunger Games.

between the two, i'm seriously lacking in sleep.
i mean, hello? who's it gonna be? Gale or Peeta?

in like a lamb and out like a lamb
and all things i make these days are
inspired by spring.
dare i say winter is o-v-e-r
in the keystone state?
the mission:
*gender neutral (mama-to-be doesn't know the sex)
*preppy style ('cause the mama is preppy)
*baby due May 25th.
how'd i do?
hard to tell with these lousy pictures, ain't it?
1. yellow gingham with strips of 'washi tape'
2. blue polka dots with hand embroidered banner
3. classic green and blue with hand embroidered 'baby'
this set is headed to Chicago.
thanks to all our lovely facebook friends who commented yesterday.
merci beaucoup! i really appreciated your feedback.

next up:
baby gift set that i like to call:
i just love this bright pink and bright yellow together.
reminds me of...
you guessed it~
pink and yellow lemonade.
this set is headed to Massachusetts
for a new baby girl.

as my niece would say, "i lub it."

happy monday, lambs!


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