March 6, 2012

Late at night I blog hop all over the place. Just looking at all the different blogs that are out there. I gravitate towards sewing and quilting blogs written by mamas like myself. One of my favorite blogs, if not my VERY fave is Nana Company. I love that she's old school using the little calico type prints. Her color choices are divine and she makes the cutest little girly projects.

But, I've recently come across another blog that I'm obsessed with. Kate, at the The Small Things blog, is pretty much the cutest thing ever and her blog is about hair, makeup, fashion and jewelry. Now if you know me IRL, you might notice that I tend to wear yoga pants and running shoes all day everyday and throw my hair up in a pony. I'm not one for shopping or anything else related to what Kate writes about, due to the fact that I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror. There, I said it. Ugh. That's embarrassing, but true. I have a terrible time thinking I'm pretty and no amount of compliments and praise from my sisters makes me feel good about myself. One thing I will say nice about myself is I have good hair. True, I color it because it's almost entirely gray ( or grey if I'm in England ;) but when colored, it's a pretty dark brown and nice and thick. Maybe a bit coarse, but texturizing is helping me keep it under control. It has a curl to it that is actually looks nice if I use a diffuser and spend about an hour scrunching it. Bleh. No thanks. In the summer I have no choice in the matter, it's curly no matter what I do. But in the the other three season with less humidity, I blow dry it straight and then avoid washing it for about 3 days. I'm getting pretty bored with this straight style but I've had no clue how to change it.

Until Kate. Thank goodness for Kate and her tutorials. I've learned how to curl my hair! And I love it. She also has a great video of how to do the fishtail braid. Love that style and my girls and I have had fun practicing it on each other.

So maybe if I curl my hair and toss out those yoga pants I might feel a bit better about myself. (The thought of tossing out all 20+ black yoga pants is enough to send me into a panic attack!)

Here are two of my favorite tutorials from Kate. Enjoy~


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