June 4, 2012

::Decorate Your Own Gift Bags::

I haven't done a craft in a long, long time.
either have my sisters!

ugh.  i'm dying for more creative projects around here
and have been trying to think of something quick and easy.
i finally thought of something i love and was excited about.
our sponsor
posted their cotton drawstring bags on facebook
and i new immediately i wanted them.

i love having extra special wrapping
for presents.  these are perfect for that.
i also love little bags for 
carrying things jewelry or other small items in your suitcase,
lipsticks and aspirin in your purse,
matchbox cars for my nephews,
a little beach bag for sunglasses and ice cream money.
the list is endless for me.

i added one our signature appliques
with fabric from denyse schmidt.

the letter is made with this fabric.

i can't find a link to the circle fabric,
buy you might find it at joann's.
look for Meadow Lark circle fabric on tonal.

then i filled it with candy.

a little going away present
for  a friend named 

i can't wait to show you all the other bags 
i've made!
if you would like one made by us~ 
check them out in our etsy shop or
send us an email and we'll make a custom one
each bag is only $12 with $2 shipping.

want to make one yourself?
head over to Online Fabric Shop
and grab some.

the prices are fabulous
and the bags come in several sizes.
(we used the 8"x10" size)


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