April 7, 2012

::Not Another Quilt...::

I have several quilt WIPs, yet I'm starting a new one.
I really don't like having unfinished projects
but, in this case, I need to put them down for bit.

When I started making quilts,
I chose quilts that involved small, scrap pieces
and small pieces that needed to be cut and trimmed.
They looked so so very appealing to me;
reminding me of my grandmothers' quilts
and the hours I spent pouring over the small bits of fabric.

However, they were a quite labor intensive, for me
and I stalled on them because it was taking so long to cut/trim
and sew them into small squares. I was impatient to have a finished project.

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to make a quilt so badly and it took months
to figure out what I should do. (I'm a bit slow to process and make certain decisions.)

In my daily perusal of all things fabric, I decided I wanted a jelly roll of Bonnie and Camille's.
I had no plans for it; I just wanted it.
When I found the Jelly Roll Race quilt and then made the top in one evening,
I realized that I should be starting off with much simpler designs
to get a hang of this quilting thing. It came together so easily and the instant gratification was there. Easy peasy. I'm on to my second quilt since having this realization
but this time with a layer cake. I'm sticking with Bonnie and Camille though. Just love their fabric!
The quilt pattern is extremely easy and I found this video
to guide me.

Can't wait to show you my progress!

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